San Diego Whale Watch cruise
San Diego Whale Watch cruise

Facebook just reminded me that this time last year I was out on a whale watching cruise with a big group of friends. San Diego Whale Watch offers year-round whale watching cruises that last three hours and are narrated by a marine biologist. We spotted several dolphins during the tour, and a few HUGE whales, too. If your group doesn’t spot any marine mammals on the trip, the company will give you a return voucher, but either way it’s still an enjoyable time out on the water. The boat leaves out of Mission Bay and can hold about 150 people, with plenty of viewing space for everyone on the outdoor deck. The knowledgeable crew puts a safe distance between you and the marine mammals, and they’re good at giving you a heads up about where to look (especially helpful if you’re taking pictures). It’s a whale of a good time!

Since I’ve been so pressed for time lately, I checked out a local salad delivery service last week called Car’s Jars. I’m sure you’ve all seen similar concepts on Pinterest that use Mason jars to layer salads in a way that keeps them portable and un-soggy. I’ve always been pretty lousy at packing a lunch for the office, so even though I could totally make these jars at home—it’s so worth it to have someone else do it for you! It’s worth it to not have to go to the grocery store, do any prep work, or think about creative recipes. And the best part is that Car’s Jars delivers jars for free every Monday to your office or home, and the jars last for at least a week. I tried four jars (the minimum delivery order) including the Car’s black peppercorn chicken (peppered chicken with pasta), the Tus-car-ny (salami), the Car-bo San Lucas (ground turkey with taco sauce), and the Car-Car ‘qued (barbecue chicken). They were all good, but I think the barbecue chicken was my favorite. I recommend going with the 1.5 pint-sized jars for a decent-sized salad. It was nice because they were both healthy and filling. I was surprised that the salads stayed fresh for so long, and was impressed how well everything was proportioned – just the right amount of salad dressing, etc. They were definitely the talk of the lunchroom!

The Car-Car 'Qued salad from Car's Jars
The Car-Car ‘Qued salad from Car’s Jars