Heels class taught by Niara Eustace

Heels, taught by classically trained ballerina and former Denver Nuggets hip-hop dancer Niara Eustace, incorporates street jazz, burlesque, and hip-hop styles. No previous dance experience is necessary, but heels in any height or style are a must.

We started with a barefoot warm-up, and once we got into the main choreography, the slow, sexy routine worked my thighs, calves, and waist, making me hyperaware of my balance to keep from falling. After getting the rhythm down, I felt like one of Beyoncé’s backup dancers, especially after Eustace told us to let our hair down (literally) to accentuate the head and body rolls.

Then it was heels on! I opted for a pair of sturdy, broken-in pumps, and though working out in heels for an hour wasn’t uncomfortable, I was ready to kick them off by the end of class. I also wished for kneepads during the brief floor section.

At one point, Eustace had us launch into the routine from various corners of the studio, like we were a dance crew coming together in a club. Eustace teaches a new routine every two weeks, so it’s best to go on a night when you can learn from the beginning.

Not only did I feel more confident moving in my heels by the end of class, I was ready to take my new moves to the dance floor. Sasha Fierce would be proud.

You Try It! Fitness West PB, 1880 Garnet Avenue, Pacific Beach. $12 per class. niaradance.com

Source: I Tried It: Heels – San Diego Magazine – January 2016 – San Diego, California